Collection: My Washi Tapes

Be enchanted by my magical washi tapes.✨ If you like to let your creativity run wild or are simply looking for an eye-catching decorative tape or adhesive tape, you're sure to find what you're looking for with these fantasy washi tapes. Unique, witchy and lovingly designed.🖤 Perfect for scrapbooking, decorating your planner, photo albums, envelopes and much more.💌

What is washi tape?

The term washi tape is not new in the crafting world, but to briefly describe it, washi tape is a special adhesive tape that often comes with beautiful patterns, bright colors or special effects (e.g. foiled washi tape). The structure of washi tape is actually very different from conventional adhesive tapes, as the main component is not made of plastic but of plant fiber. Washi tape sticks to numerous materials such as paper or wood, but also to glass, stone or polystyrene. You can simply tear off individual pieces of washi tape by hand, use scissors or a washi tape cutter to cut them, which also serves as washi tape storage. Washi tape is characterized by its soft surface and versatility, especially for crafting. Washi tape can be used not only for creative craft ideas, such as embellishing daily planners, bullet journals or scrapbooking, but also for everyday use. Letters can be aesthetically decorated with Washi Tape and photos and Polaroids can be stuck to the wall without leaving any residue under normal conditions, as Washi Tape is easy to remove and reuse despite its good adhesive properties. With these unbeatable aspects, Washi Tape can be used sustainably despite the many creative crafting fun.

How do you use washi tape?

The possibilities and creative ideas that can be realized with Washi Tape are almost endless. With my high-quality Fantasy Washi Tapes, whose patterns and themes focus mainly on magical subjects, not only can craft projects be realized, but they also give everyday things, just like stickers, that certain something magical. Washi tapes are often used for scrapbooking or to embellish photo albums, bullet journals or daily planners, as they can be easily repositioned without leaving any residue if placed incorrectly. Washi tapes also adhere perfectly to various objects for notes or appointment reminders, which can be easily removed afterwards. Another way to use washi tapes is on holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day or for birthdays to lovingly decorate wrapped gifts. Whether for gift bags, sustainable paper bags or letters, every gift from the heart can be embellished with some Fantasy Washi Tape and can also attract attention visually. Carefully peel off the washi tape from the last birthday and use it again for the next gift decoration. Simple, magical, reusable and therefore economical.

Why my washi tapes?

There are many washi tapes available on the internet, but if you decide to buy a washi tape, you should be sure about the design and quality. I have been looking for handmade witchy washi tapes in Germany for a long time, but was often not satisfied with the pattern or the quality, so I started making my own unique washi tapes. All my washi tapes are based on different themes that mainly revolve around supernatural fantasy creatures. Whether witches, vampires or fairies, my magical washi tapes are drawn, designed and made with a lot of love. To ensure a high quality print and material, I have tested a lot to make the best washi tape to my liking. With a washi tape length of 10m they not only last ultra long, but even ultra, ultra long if you reuse them often. As a freelance artist from Germany , I always try to work vegan and as sustainable as possible and I hope I can bring some magic into your lives through my art!